In Your Light

We released our debut album In Your Light which is available on all major music services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. We are thankful for all the support we've received and appreciative of the prayers in support for our ministry. We wouldn't have came this far without the friends and family behind us.

We are looking for new opportunities to share our music and to help our ministry grow so we can reach new people. Being a worship band, our desire is to lead people in worship and be a part of the journey in pressing deeper into God's presence and will for our lives.

Now Booking for Fall/Winter!

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What is modern folk worship music?

Profound Revival live is a one of a kind experience. Whether for good or bad, they've always been a little...different. Down to the roots you can hear the sound of modern folk music which has been sweeping America. Being a husband and wife duo, they have added some things to bring more sound to the stage. Josh plays a homemade suitcase kick drum, tambourine, and some guitars while also incorporating a loop pedal to playback live recordings on stage helping to fill out the sound. Andrea brings in the lead vocals while supplementing music digitally through her keyboard. All of that fused together while pursuing God in a heart of worship is what we like to call modern folk worship music.